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My Work

I'm a French photographer living in Paris. Once I discovered that if we pay enough attention, beauty will be found everywhere.

Following the principle that a person can blossom by revealing every part of his/her personality by play and light, I closely work with my models over years and I create with them various caracters in which they are both new and themselves.


Following the rate of one shot a day for my first two years, I was able to improve my skills in photography that made me win my first international competition for the PHOTO magazine, make their cover for January-February 2014 Contest, and be represented in Paris, Bruxelles and Bordeaux. 

Publications and articles

Magazine cover and article on my work (magazine n°506) : http://www.photo.fr/magazine/numero-506-janvier-2014.html

http://www.photo.fr/blog/54-photos-de-stars-contre-le-cancer.html Blog Vogue Spain



Contests, lecture and exhibitions

Winner of the international competition organized by the magazine PHOTO (January 2014)

Lecture at the University of Texas at Austin, USA ( October 2015)


May 2015 - Exhibition Jeux de Lumières at Cazaudehore Laforestieres in Saint Germain en Laye, France

October 2014 - Exhibition of the picture "Frida" among 50 others made by celebrities for the Fournier-Majoie Foundation at the Hotel metropole of Bruxelles, http://www.fournier-majoie.org/fr/coup-de-coeur-contre-le-cancer

October 2014 - Natures" at the Festival of Mediterranean Photography, http://multimediastudio.fr/7OFF/site/loli-maeght/

From May to November 2014, "Fantasy" at the DODA, Bordeaux, http://www.doda-bordeaux.com/loli-maeght.html

From December 2013 to February 2014, "Koimonogatari" - in the Hôtel Crayon, Paris - France,http://www.hotelcrayon.com

From June to November 2013, "Fantasy" - in Le Plan B- Paris, France, http://www.planbparis.fr

Permanent exhibition "Fantasy" in Le Studio 126, Bruxelles- Belgium, http:// www.brussels-studio126.com

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